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Nowadays, import and export are the main pillars of growth of any economy. As the world has become global village and countries are joining hands to promote international trade and expand businesses. Multinational companies (MNCs) are doing their businesses at international levels to cut the competition and.


As far as concerned with India, after the introduction of New Industrial Policy, 1991, Indian Government has also introduced the concept of liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation. For doing import and export of goods or services in India you must have valid Import-Export Code (IEC). IEC is granted by the Director General of Foreign Trade constituted under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Import can be just characterized as bringing goods or services from one nation to another especially across a national border by following the legal procedures and norms of international trade. Imported products can be used after its clearance. Import of goods or services requires the assent of the custom authorities of both the countries form where goods are sending and on which goods will be received. Just like import, export means shipping of goods or services out of the nation.

In simple words, import is purchase of goods from outside nation supplier and export is selling goods to outside nation customers.

Export products are made by household makers for foreign consumers. Export and import form the very fundamentals of international trade. International trade is a flawless umbrella term that is utilized for all exchanges and trade of goods and provision of services over national barriers. Industrialization, propelled transportation, globalization, multinational companies, and outsourcing are a percentage of the components that have prompted a support to global exchange. In the event that you are anticipating begin your own particular business venture in the field of import-export business then here are a few tips first off.

Countries set up their own particular government offices in outside nations to advance the sending out of their own products. These international safe havens can give you with industry indexes and other valuable data. If you are on the importing side, the other nation's government office in your own nation can bail you discover an exit plan. For a better international trade, you have to take import export code registration from the Director General of Foreign Trade.

Although most firms presumably understand a more significant favourable position in joining international trade but there are still numerous entrepreneurs that mull over on legal status of business. While choosing form of business organisation for import-export purpose, you should keep in mind nature of business, liability, tax implications, etc.

To make your company successful at international level you must obtain import export code and this can be easily done by at Registrationwala. We also offer services related to import export code like registration, amendment, modification, surrender, etc.

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